A coastal town in Bentota beach Sri Lanka is located in Galle district of the Southern Province. Bentota is located on the southern bank of Bentota river mouth. The name of the town is believed to be derived from a mythical story which claims a demon named Bem who ruled over the river bank called Tota. Bentota has become a popular tourist destination and is known for its watersport destinations.  The city has a local airport and a handful of world class hotels.  Ayurveda is very famous in Bentota. Known for its toddy production, this coconut nectar is alcoholic and just the right drink for couples and tourists seeking some adventurous drink.

Places of attraction Bentota  Sri Lanka

  • Bentota beach is a famous go to place in Bentota. The scenic view of the sunset in the evening, the sea breeze slapping your face and the coconut palms swaying all make for a splendid scenic view.
    • The beach is clean and tidy
    • The palm tree offer shade and hide the buildings on the beach
    • The beach has local selling’s goodies but are not at all pushy or annoying
  • Turtle hatchery is an interesting activity in Bentota you can enjoy doing
    • Enjoy a short guided tour and make it interesting for kids
    • Make a voluntary donation and feel good
    • Pet the turtle and feel elated
    • Enjoy a private candle lit dinner after you’ve released the turtles and feel you’ve done work of good Karma. The sea food served is good and true to Srilanka’s  ethnicity

Bentota Palama the permanent bridge was introduced to transport coconut via trains in the 19th century and has become a prominent landmark bridge in Bentota today

  • BentotaRiver offers an exciting boat trip. At the reserve and lagoon you can also enjoy
    • Jet skiing and canoeing
    • You can enjoy the scenic view of birds and reptiles and boat rides up the river help you catch o glimpse of these natures’ creations.
  • You can take atour of the famous Srilankan architecture Bewis Bawa’s house and garden which are a stand out work of art in Srilanka.
    • The garden has several different designs incorporated within
    • British style lawns to Japanese Gardens and secret seating areas make the garden an interesting place to be at.
    • Within the house you can also find on display the art pieces and works of Donald Friend an Australian artist who visited the Bawa brother house for a six day stay only to end up staying for the following six years.
    • An outdoor shower in the brief house is added attention grabber
    • A morning or evening excursion to the gardens that was once a plantation will make your tour of Bentota memorable.
      • Take a taxi or tuc tuc and tour the hotel