The so called haven of backwater canals, Kerala is rightfully a paradise where nature shines to absolute beauty and time comes to a brief pause. The state is lavishly blessed with the presence of numerous backwater canals. Each one rivalling the other with mesmerizing visuals and soul rendering peacefulness. If you have been wondering where […]

Goa and its golden beaches offer a delicious treat for any wanderlust individual. The coastal town is blessed with some of the most scenic landscapes and vistas that are usually seen only in the Caribbean and Mediterranean region. What makes Goa a special place compared to other destinations is its liberal attitude and peace loving […]

Arjuna, the third of the five mighty Pandavas was a valiant warrior with unparalleled skill in archery. He was famous for its dancing skills which is portrayed in detail in various parts of Mahabharata. Arjuna played a vital role in ensuring the success of Dharma over adharma in battle against Kauravas at Kurukshetra. Overwhelmed with […]

Regarded as the most ancient and scientific forms of martial arts in the world, Kalaripayattu – the native martial art form of Kerala has plenty of unique features to it. Kalaripayattu is said to be the grass root from where other preset day popular martial arts like Kungfu and karate have evolved. Legend goes that […]

Thrissur Pooram, Kerala is one of the major Hindu festival celebrated in Kerala, the southern part of India. Every year Thrissur Pooram attract lakhs of people to take part in the festival and is also a big attraction for foreign tourists. There are many annual festivals conducted in Kerala dedicated to village deities and among […]

‘Dance of the Enchantress’. The transliteration of the Kerala dance form cannot be more apt. When Kerala women clad in white dhotis bordered with golden fringes sway to the tunes of a mesmerizing classical melody, it is as if the angels from heaven descending on Earth. Mohiniattam does not boast of a tradition or history […]

Kathakali, Kerala is one of the ancient forms of theatre arts that is native to the South eastern Indian state of Kerala. The history of Kathakali is said to date back to centuries back when every other form of cultural and artistic form was in nascent stages. Kathakali is a combination of literary recitation and […]

The greater Blue Mountains, Australia area are a sandstone tableland. It houses nearly one million hectare of land that is dominated with eucalyptus tree. The greater Blue Mountains, Australia have a vast expanse and spreads across eight reserves. The greater Blue Mountains, Australia houses rare and endemic taxa. The flora and fauna here is rare […]

There are myriad things to do in Cairns. You can enjoy scenic flights, Rainforest tours to scenic drives.  Cairn has a lot of entertainment in store for you and a long list of things to do to make your holiday worthwhile. Activities,Things to do in Cairns Cairns will offer unique air tours comprising of iconic […]

Bangalore is famous for its cool culture. The modern city has to it more than just pubs and IT companies. There are so many places of interest in Bangalore that a single list comprising of very few attractions is not any easy task to accomplish. Here are some must visit places in Bangalore that are […]