On January 31st in the year 1948, the nation mourned the death of its father, Mahatma Gandhi, after he was assassinated by Nathuram Godse. The word Mahatma, which translates as “The great spirit, ” resides in a place, which, patriotic Indians call the National Shrine. The Rajghat – The National Shrine or Gandhi Samadhi is […]

The fourth medieval city of Delhi Jahanpanah wasestablished by Muhammad bin Tughlaq of Delhi Sultanate. Tughlaq built Jahanpanah to fight off the constant threat from the Mongols. Jahanpanah means Refuge of the world in Persian. History states that the Adilabad fort and the other monuments – Qila Rai Pithora and Siri Fort all of them […]

Built as a fortified palace of Shajahanabad, Red fort was the dwelling place for nearly two centuries for the Mughal emperors.Located in the center of Delhi, Red fort houses a lot of museums that add to the reasons why it should be visited. Red fort besides serving as a home to the royal emperors was […]

The former residence of the first prime minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal lal Nehru remained so for 16 years until Nehru ji died in May 27, 1964. Designed by Robert Russell, a known British architect who also designed Connaught place and the Eastern and western courts on Janpath during the British regime in India, the […]

A sandstone and marble mausoleum standing tall and majestically in Delhi, the Safdarjung Tomb was built in 1754. The tomb carries the elegant Mughal empire style of construction.  The Safdarjung tomb holds a significant importance mainly because it is believed to be the last of the monuments built in Mughal architectural style. Safdarjung tomb has […]

Official home of the president of India Rashtrapathi Bhavan, located in New Delhi the presidential residence is referred to a mansion comprising of 340 rooms in the main building. The mansion comprises of the presidents official residence, halls, guest rooms and offices. The presidential estate also includes a huge Mughal garden also called the presidential […]

The second tallest Minar in India after fateh burj, Qutub Minar was originally an Islamic monument comprising of Arabic inscriptions. Declared as world heritage site is located in Delhi and attracts several travelers and tourists from across the globe round the year. Made of red sandstone and marble the minaret has 379 steps leading to […]

The oldest fort amongst all the forts in Delhi, The purana quila is the oldest known structure amongst all the other structure in Delhi. Built by Afghan king Sher Shah Suri, on the site of Indraprastha which was believed to be the capital of the pandavas, the Purana Quila was built with an extensive area […]

Kings way is today known as Rajpath and it is the ceremonial boulevard in New Delhi where every year you can witness the Republic day and parade. The parade sees a huge turn out every year and the importance of this parade has only grown increasingly over the years. Rajpath is treated as one of […]

Founded as Shahjahanabad, old Delhi was the walled city of India and was founded by Mughal emperor Shahjahan. Old Delhi was the capital of the Mughal till the end of the Mughal dynasty. Old Delhi used to be the home to several mansions where the nobles stayed;members of the royal court too were housed here […]