Home to some of the rare and unique attraction Ayyappankovil is a place least touched by maddening tourism. Ayyapankovil has a mystical charm about its appearance and has lured the attention of several bikers for a while now. Ayyapankovil is a beautiful destination for some tranquil holiday experience. To make your stay comfortable and peaceful […]

For those of you who’ve seen the Indian blockbuster movie “Indian”- ever wonder what the martial art form was, that wasused by Actor Kamal Hassan? An ancient Indian martial art  Kalaripayattu is the answer. Practiced religiously in Kerala Kalaripayatu was the oldest fighting system in existence. This martial arts form has a dominant base in […]

The beautiful and least visited Plantations in Ayyappancoil area is a serene place and is soon gaining attention of many outdoor enthusiasts, nature lovers and ardent travelers for the scenic beauty it possesses. There are a lot of interesting things to watch and tour around that have not been advertised or commercialized and it is that […]

The longest mud bridge in India, Kuzhal Paalam is not just a bridge but a mud bridge. These days you see such engineering marvels, as far as civil engineering works are concerned, in times like these, to still have a mud bridge in existence and operational makes it a major attraction for Kerala tourism. The […]

The Ayyappankovil area in Idukki offers the perfect terrain for adventure trips and a four wheel drive.  The surrounding area itself is so serene and majestic that for those who love four wheel drives, will definitely love to drive to reach a destination as the Ayyappankovil area. The longest suspension bridge in Kerala will wait […]

Kerala pristine surroundings have captivated the hearts of many. Home to several unexplored territories there is so much to sooth and calm your mind in Kerala that every new place you visit in God’s own country it will surprise you and leave you speechless. Ayyappankovil region is another prominent destination located close to Idukki. The […]

Kozhimala makes for an exciting and interesting place to visit in Kattapana. Kozhimala still houses a tribal community that follows their natural lifestyle of surviving on the local produce and the forest products. Least impacted or influenced by modernization the Mannan tribe in Kozhimala has managed to continuously live a simple and content life. The […]

A beautiful tourist spot located at Mattukatta of Idukki district, with a glorious 300 years of history are the Ayyapan Koil temple and the hanging suspension bridge. Both the temple and the bridge are major attractions around the Periyar river region. The surrounding region has beauty so splendid that you would be drowned in its […]

If not a Harley and Davidson than the Indian beast Royal Enfield or the classic Bullet would just make your road trip a perfect way to experience the myriad surprise in Idukki’s less traveled roads. A ride over the mud bridge- Asia’s largest soil bridge built across the Velliamkandam River makes a Bikers journey extremely […]

With a history that dates back to in and around four lakh years, the famous Ayyapankovil Sree Dharma Sastha temple has attracted believers for time immemorial. With a history so old the temple has also seen demolitions and shift of place around seven times. The Sastha temple is one amongst the five huge temples and […]