To go for a Leisure Tour, you can have a huge list of destinations. Doing all the complex calculations, it’s most likely that you will arrive at the Queen of Hill stations, Ooty in the Nilgiris District of Tamil nadu, India.  Tracing back into history it can be found that Ooty has been a great […]

A thing of beauty is indeed a joy forever, and the waterfalls that remain immortal and gush forth with its pearl beauty is one of the fine perks of nature. Kalhatty Waterfalls situated in Ooty, the Niligiris, Tamil Nadu is the favorite tourist spot to many nature-lovers or simple any of us who would love […]

Wide spread green landscape is such an eye candy and is surely click worthy. The Ooty region on Nilgiri district contains astonishing tourists’ spots in its every corner. Thousands of tourists visit here and do several activities including trekking and biking. Traversing along the twisty roads through several valleys and peaks takes you to a […]

On any fine day the roars and cries of wildlife will surely excite us and leave us all perplexed. Countries around the world strive hard to protect the sacred wildlife from the environmental effects caused by us. Several animals are nearing to extinction and are named to be endangered. Among the various protected forest lands […]

Everyone longs for a great holiday to get a break from hectic life. An expedition to Ooty will refresh your monotonous life, enriching it with magical energy. Among the number of great wonders in blue hills of Ooty, lies the scenic Kalhatty Waterfalls. The elegance of nature will ensure one of the most unforgettable experiences […]

Highlands and lush green landscapes will never fail to mesmerize us with its beauty. The queen of Hills, Ooty in Nilgiris District stands high enriched with flora and fauna attracting deluge of tourists from all around the world. Any trip to Ooty is incomplete without visiting the stunning view points that lie in different peaks […]

Ooty is also known as the Queen of the Hill Stations and stands magnificently in the blue hills of Nigiri. It not only has beauty of nature, it also abounds in numerous Churches and places of worship, giving spiritual tourist an opportunity get divine. Among the great religious spots, the classic St Stephens Church is […]

 The blooming blossoms and nature ornamented pathways makes Ooty undoubtedly one of the best places in India for romantic getaway. The hazy blue hills of Nilgiris preserves copious forests and landscapes making it a lure driving throngs of tourists. Generosity of Ooty: Be it a newlywed couple or ever romantic couple, Ooty is the place […]

Countries come together, countless rallies takes place, several speeches are given and many other things happen to create awareness about the precious Nature. For similar notion, the innovative concept of Eco-tourism emerged is now fast popularizing. Ooty, being blessed with abundant nature is one of the best places to get intimate with nature and to […]

How majestic is the beauty of nature? Every living creature in this world loves nature so much. The serenity and calmness you get in the places that are abundant in untouched nature is unmatched. The dazzling pine forest in Ooty, is known for its tranquil nature and draws deluge of tourists from different parts of […]