The largest city of Srilanka, Colombo is the administrative capital of Colombo district. It has a large harbor and is strategically positioned along the East West Sea Trade Routes. Colombo is home to the satellite city Jayewardene and is also the commercial capital of Srilanka. Introduced by the Portuguese the name Colombo was derived from a Sinhalese name Kolon Thota meaning port on the river Kelani. Colombo was known to the Indian, Greeks, Persian, Romans, and Arabs & Chinese traders because of its natural harbor for 2000 years ago.

Geographical positioning and Climate

Srilanka witnesses tropical monsoon climate. It witnesses fairly temperate climate throughout the year. May to August and October to January Colombo witnesses monsoons. Colombo has land and water and has several canals that making it easy accessible to reach different places to and fro from Colombo.

Colombo tourist destination

  • Galle face green is a ribbon of green patch located in the middle of the city along the Indian Ocean coast. Galle is most visited by tourists.
    • On the South end edge of Galle Galle Face Hotel is a prominent hotel  on the promenade
  • For pilgrims Gangaramaya temple is one of the most important temples in Colombo. The temple showcases  an advanced style of architecture mixed with Srilankan, Thai, India and Chinese

Viharamahadevi Park is a prominent park where tourists can head to. It’s located next to the National museum of Colombo and Town hall. It is the tallest and oldest park in Colombo and has a large statue of Buddha which attracts tourists all the more.

  • National Museum of Colombo with its Colonial style building is another place worth visiting
  • Royal Colombo Golf  Club
  • Kelaniya Raja Maha Vihara
  • National Zoological  gardens of Srilanka
  • Beira Lake is a prominent landmark in Colombo. The lake served as a major defense barricade in the ancient times. In present times it remains a hotspot destination with lot of activities taking place like hosting Regattas, theatrical events on the shore etc.
  • Colombo Dutch museum
  • Town Hall Colombo
  • St. Lucia Cathedral
  • Pettah floating market and Fort were the places that were known as Colombo. The market offers a vast variety of products and houses the famous Khan Clock tower which is an added attraction near the region
  • Dutch Hospital
  • Arcade independence square

Srilanka is a multi-ethnic country and island. There are different kind’s cultures and traditions that are followed which make it a secular place in all realms. Colombo witnesses a lot Dutch British and English influence in its architecture, food, clothing, language so on and so forth.

While your stay at Colombo you will find the locals in a fascinating mixed style of clothing showcasing European style blended with local style.