Situated in the Matale district, Dambulla is a big town and is strategically present in at a major junction making it a prime vegetable distribution center in Srilanka. Dambulla cave temple is a breathe- taking region in Srilanka known for its cave complexes and mountain ranges.

Places of attraction and “to do” in Dambulla

    • The cave temples of Dambulla are the best preserved in Srilanka. The caves are the biggest averaging a height of 160 meter. There are nearly 80 documented caves of which five caves comprise of priceless statues and paintings that depict the life and story of Buddha.The paintings on the cave walls are unique including Buddha’s first sermon. There are three interconnecting caves the first comprising of a huge statue of Buddha; the second large cave connects the third cave that comprises of 55 statutes of Buddha. Outside is the vihara which houses a Bo-tree.
    • Enjoy the scenic view of the Sigiriya fortress
      • Stop by the sidewalks to enjoy  the taste of cut raw mangoes seasoned with salt and mix of hot spices
      • Pick up some souvenirs form the side shops if you like or save it for shopping in the other shops of the region
    • Visit the most impressive Raja Maha vihara at the village of Dambulla
      • It comprises of five  caverns
      • Enjoy the beautiful painting on the caverns ceilings
        • The temple open at 7:30 in the morning till 5:00pm in the morning
        • You need to get admission ticket to get to these temples located at a two kilometers distance away from town
        • There are manmade granite outcrops that rise 160 meter above ground offering beautiful view near the country side
        • These caves  also serve as shelter and Buddhist shrine

Monkey watching outside the Dambulla caves  in the large pond and buildings outside makes

  • Besides the caves sit down for some time and enjoy the picturesque scenery of the surrounding that extends till Sigiriya
  • Visit the Kitsch Golden temple before heading to the caves. This building has a seated Buddha statue that’s 30 meter high. There are arguments that this statue may or might not be the tallest statue across the world.
    • Below the temple building there is also a Golden temple Buddhist museum in the lower building with an entrance that has a golden mouth of an enormous lion like animal
      • The museum has a modest exhibition and has on display works and statues info of all the Buddha statues across the world
      • There is also a Buddhist book shop available
      • You can check your internet in the nearby internet cafe