The greater Blue Mountains, Australia area are a sandstone tableland. It houses nearly one million hectare of land that is dominated with eucalyptus tree. The greater Blue Mountains, Australia have a vast expanse and spreads across eight reserves. The greater Blue Mountains, Australia houses rare and endemic taxa. The flora and fauna here is rare too. There are three hundred meter cliffs, slot canyons, waterfalls tat add to its beauty. The place is also known for its and a beautiful outstanding biological importance.

what to expect at the Greater blue mountains, Australia

You can expect to see some spectacular views at Greater Blue Mountains, Australia. The Greater Blue Mountains, Australia carries a heritage value because of its vast coverage of Eucalypt communities.
You can also find yourself staring at a wide spread of rugged tablelands and sheer cliffs at the greater blue mountains, Australia. The valleys here are inaccessible. The flora and fauna of the region are unique and very old throwing light on the antiquity of the region. A glance at the greater blue mountains, Australia will showcase how much the region has evolved from being a dominantly eucalypt region and unique with its wildlife.
There are protected areas in the greater Blue Mountains, Australia. Some of them are Wollemi, Yengo, Nattai, Kannagra Boyd, Gardens of stone and Jenolan Karst conservation reserve.

the rare fauna of Greater Blue Mountains, Australia

There are more than 400 varieties of animals residing in the gorges and valleys of the greater Blue Mountains, Australia. If you are luck you can spot the threatened and rare species of animals such as the spotted- tailed Quoll, the Koala, the yellow bellied glider, the green and golden bell frog and more. The greater Blue Mountains, Australia holds a heritage value because of these endangered animals mainly.

Things to do in Greater blue mountains, Australia

• Abseiling and rappeling I famous in North America and Europe. However rappeling and abseiling on the beautiful Blue Mountains make Australia adventure special.
• Take up rock climbing course that are held at the Blue Mountains. The various sites where rock climbing is held are MT.York, Mt.Piddington, Zig Zag, Wolgan valley and more. Different kinds of rock climbing tours are conducted that meet the needs of different levels of climbers.
• Australia adventure during the summer is all the more exciting. You can try canyoning and enjoy the exciting adventure you can take part in. From swimming, wading water jumps to abseiling through waterfalls, bushwalking and scrambling over boulders, excitement just keeps increasing.
o While canyoning the beauty of the canyons make the adventure excitement action packed.
• Hiking, trekking, tramping, rambling, traipsing and more all make for activities followed in bushwalking. Take a walk on the greater blue mountain areas. Enjoy the discoveries you will make while travelling the highway. Discover the local secrets. Be stunned watching the stunning scenery, historical sites and more on the greater blue mountains Australia.
• Sightseeing and bushwalking are amongst the other recreations you can enjoy at the greater blue mountains, Australia.