Hyderabad Heritage tour will be an enriching travel experience for history buffs and travel connoisseurs. South central Hyderabad offers the best Hyderabad Heritage tour experience. From Charminar to the Nizams museum central Hyderabad is infested with historical richness. The Hyderabad urban development authority has listed 160 buildings as heritage structures in Telangana. These heritage structures include rocks, buildings, forts etc.

Historic tourist sites to visit in Hyderabad Heritage tour

  • In south central Hyderabad you will find some of the historical sites that will appeal to the tourists. The retail corridor in the region houses the age old Laad bazaar, Pearl market and Medina circle.
  • The Shahi structure built during the 16th and 17th century carried Persian architecture. They comprised of domes and colossal arches. One of the oldest surviving Shahi Structure that’s worth visiting in Hyderabad Heritage tour is the Golconda.

Landmarks in Hyderabad Heritage tour

Some of the landmark structures in Hyderabad showcase the Shahi Indo Islamic architecture. Most of these heritage building were constructed during the Qutb shahi and Nizam period. Some of the landmark heritage structures are:

    • The oldest Shahi structure that makes for a prominent landmark in Hyderabad is the ruins of Golconda fort. The fort was built in the 16th century and their ruin today is a reminder of a great history of Hyderabad.
    • You can also visit Charminar, Mecca Masjid, Qutb Shahi tombs and Chakraman amongst other structures from the 16th Amongst these structures Charminar is the prominent structure that stands as an icon of the city. The entire four monuments are considered as monuments of national importance. These sites have been proposed to be recognized as UNESCO world heritage site by the Indian government.
    • The Chowmahalla palace is one of the oldest structures that exist from time of the Nizams.
    • Amongst the landmark places worth visiting are: Paigah palace, Asman Garh Palace, Basheer Bagh palace, Errum Manzil, Spanish Mosque, and the Falaknuma palace.
    • During the rule of Mir Osman Ali Khan European and Indo Islamic styles of architecture were introduced and they became prominent. Besides Falaknuma palace there were other civic monuments like the Hyderabad court, Osmania hospital, state archaeology museum, Jubilee hall, Asman garh Palace, Basheer Bagh palace, Errum manzil and Spanish mosque are some of the buildings with features of European and Indian Islamic styles.
    • The Chowmahalla palace showcases the Nizam architecture style in Hyderabad. The Chowmahalla palace was the seat of the royal power. The palace possesses a wide array of architectural styles. The palace has baroque Harem and neo Classical royal court which set it apart as a unique structure that’s worth visiting in Hyderabad Heritage tour
    • Inspired by the style of Andrea Palladio there are other palaces too such as the Purani haveli, King Kothi and Bella vista palace worth visiting in Hyderabad Heritage tour. All of these palaces were built during the 19thcentury

Hyderabad has several heritage structures that are presently being maintained by private entities. Some have been converted as heritage museum or heritage centers. These structures make for a worthwhile Hyderabad Heritage tour.