Regarded as the most ancient and scientific forms of martial arts in the world, Kalaripayattu – the native martial art form of Kerala has plenty of unique features to it. Kalaripayattu is said to be the grass root from where other preset day popular martial arts like Kungfu and karate have evolved. Legend goes that a South Indian king named Boddhhi Dharman took on a sole campaign to the South East part of Asia to spread the knowledge of Kalaripayattu and Ayurveda. Most of the fighting styles of Kungfu is derived from Kalaripayattu and has significant resemblances.

Kalaripayattu is also a matter of serious tourist interest. Kalaripayattu duels used to lure tourists from far end of the world even during the ancient days. The tourist writings of historians do mention about Kalaripayattu and its daily rituals. Kalaripayattu is taught to a disciple by the Aashan in a teaching platform called the Kalari Angam. The student is required to live a life of discipline and self-surrender the master the art in its entirety.

Five elements of Kalaripayattu

The Kalaripayattu training will include a series of prayers to the five elements of nature, the Guru and the supreme soul. As a martial art practice with a facet of spirituality also contained in it, yesteryear of royals and their off-springs were trained in Kalaripayattu to become complete individuals of character and persona.

Before a student begins training using limbs and weapons, he or she is administered an oil massage on core muscles of the body. The massage is to activate the nerves and to make the muscles supple and flexible for swift movement. Once the body is made agile, the disciple is trained in a variety of exercises that include chaattom (jumps), marichil (somersaults) and ottam (running). The prime focus is to make the disciple a body of great control which can respond to physical attacks in an instant.

The training is imparted in stages, most often the next level is permitted only when the student displays equal balance of mental stability and physical agility. A disciple is not allowed to use weapons like dagger, spear or maces right in the initial stages of the training. He or she has to wait until a complete control over the mind and body is gained with practice.

Ancestors say that a person can become a Kalaripayattu exponent only when he or she has the ability to make their mind and body one as a unit. Ancient scriptures claim that some Kalaripayattu practitioners to even have had the ability to control the five elements of nature through senses developed through Kalaripayattu.

Kalaripayattu exhibition

A good Kalaripayattu exhibition can push you to the edge of your seats. Get to know the intricacies of Kalaripayattu and its age old practices with a complete Kerala holiday tour package.

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