Kanchipuram is known asthe city of thousand temples. It has a glorious history behind its existence. Pallavas, Cholas and the Rayas of Vijayanagar have reigned over this beautiful place.  Kancheepuram is an important center of Tamil learning and culture. Kancheepuram has been home to great personalities like Appar, Siruthonder, Sri Sankaracharya or Adi Sankaracharya and more. Kancheepuram is known mainly for its beautiful temples. The architecture of these temples is an absolute treat to the naked eye.

A visit to the Kamakshi Amman temple is a must for any leisure tourist or pilgrim. The temple is dedicated to goddess Shakti and the temple is undoubtedly rare in its style of architecture and appearance. The golden chariot the temple houses are of significant importance as it is brought out on a procession around the temple on Fridays. The art gallery in the temple displays the history of Adi Sankaracharya and Sankara Mutt.

Kancheepuram is undoubtedly a religious place and attracts several pilgrims mainly to the abundant temples it houses. The Kailasnathar temple is dedicated to lord Shiva worshipped across India. But it’s only in Tamilnadu you can see such high numbers of Shiva temple. Tamilnadu brags of having nearly 2500 Shiva temples. Ekamabaranatha temple is another Shiva temple in Kanchipuram worth visiting.
Vaikunth Perumal temple is amongst the ancient temples that’s got a three tiered Gopuram as well as Sannathi.

For leisure travelers or family vacationers Crocodile bank is an interesting place to visit. The bank houses 5000 crocodile belonging to six different species. Kanchi Kudil is a small ancient house reflecting the age old culture of Hinduism in Tamilnadu.

Adding to the beauty of Kancheepuram is the beautiful backwaters of Muttukadu Lake.You can enjoy boating, surfing and other water activities here. The backwater of the lake is beautiful to watch they sure don’t match the beauty of Vembanadlake backwaters in Kerala but are still substantially exciting and worth paying a visit.

Located at a distance of 16kilometer from Mamallapuram, a major resort the Sadras beach is an ideal place for leisure travelers to head to. At a distance of 29 kilometer is Sri perumbudur which is also the birth place of Saint Ramanujar. Sri Perumbudur is an important place for believers in Vaishnavism.
Kancheepurams attractions are dominated by temple and they can be split in nearly equal numbers as two main heads- Shiva Temples and Vaishnava temples. Besides the Shiva temple- Ekamabaranatha temple, you can also head to the Kamakshiamman temple devoted to goddess Amman and the largest temple built during the Pallava era the Ekambareshwarar temple.

Anna Memorial is an ancestral house of C.Annadurai who was a great Tamil scholar. The memorial also attracts visitors touring Kancheevaram.

Kancheevaram is located on the banks of VegavathiRiver a tributary of the PalarRiver. The land around the river is slopy and absolutely flat. At a distance of about 10 miles is the Sivaram hills and it is speculated that the granite used to build the Varadaraj Perumal temple might have been obtained from here. Kancheevaram is divided into two division- Little Kanchi and Vishnu Kanchi. It goes unsaid Little Kanchi houses all the Shiva temples and Vishnu Kanchi houses the entire Vishnu temple in Kancheevaram. Besides its temples Kancheevaram is also known for its rich medicinal plants with high medicinal value. Hence Kancheevaram is certainly an interesting place to visit.