Located in the central province, Kandy is the second largest city of Srilanka after Colombo. Kandy’s geographical positioning makes it a picturesque and absolutely beautiful place that one should visit or plan a trip to. Majestically seated in the midst of hills, tropical plantations as surroundings, aroma of the tea and more make Kandy a beautiful destination to be at.

Kandy Sri Lanka tourism attractions

Kandy is both administrative and religious capital of the central province region.

  • Kandy makes for a leisure tour as well as pilgrims destination. There are Hindu shrines dedicated to gods Vishnu and natha. Besides Hindu temples Kandy is also home to Buddhist temples.
    • The temple of tooth is one of the most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage center in Kandy. The temple is also declared as world heritage site by UNESCO. Built in the 17th century the temple recently received a golden canopy. The temple conducts daily rituals and attracts several pilgrims on daily basis.
    • Gadaladeniya temple is situated on a hilltop and is beautiful work of Dravidian architecture offering a breathtaking view of the countryside.
    • Dambulla cave temple
    • Malwaththa and Asgiri temples located near the lake shore are two prominent Buddhist temples in Kandy
  • Peradeniya garden is a nature lover’shaven that has stood the ravages of time since the 14th century. The garden houses an Orchid house and has more than 300 varieties of orchids. The garden is also home to spice garden and varied trees showcasing the use of these trees and plants in ayurvedic medicine
  • Kandy Lake
  • National Museum of Kandy
  • Hanthana Mountain range is an ideal trek trail for trekkers and hikers offering a picturesque view of the rivulets, streams and rural setting
  • Knuckle mountain range will offer you a glimpse of wide variety of flora and fauna. The range has about 35 peaks that possess a towering height of 915 meter.
  • Udawette kele sanctuary is a forest that’s also referred to as forbidden forest of the Kings of Kandy. You will come across wide variety oftrees like cinnamon, Olive, rattan cane, Jak, Mara, Betelnut, Arecanutand more.
  • Asgiriya Stadium
  • Royal Palace of Kandy
  • Horton Plains National Park
  • Wales Park

Geographical positioning

Located amidst hills and surrounded by tropical plantations especially tea, Kandy city is situated in the midst of Kandy plateau.  Kandy is called Maha Nuwara. Often Nuwara alone is used to keep the name short. Kandy’s Geographical positioning has made it a prime transportation hub in Srilanka. Kandy serves as gateway to the Central Highlands. As a matter of fact the two main roads a) Colombo-Kandy b) Kandy- Nuwara Eliya are the two most scenic highways that offer breathe taking view of the rubber plantations and rice paddies. The winding and rounding through the hills, the seamless tea plantations make the geographical positioning of Kandy a splendid one.