Kathakali, Kerala is one of the ancient forms of theatre arts that is native to the South eastern Indian state of Kerala. The history of Kathakali is said to date back to centuries back when every other form of cultural and artistic form was in nascent stages. Kathakali is a combination of literary recitation and miming. It is not any simple or easy to do dance-drama performance which any amateur can master with practice. Instead, it takes a lifetime of devotion and dedicated learning from the part of the student.

The artist

A Kathakali artist spends a major part of his lifetime trying to pick up the nuances of the art with the help of special body massages are targeted muscle groups, acting lessons and elaborate learning of philosophy from the ancient Indian epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata. This makes a Kathakali artist not just a performer, but an individual who has immense knowledge about the history of the country, its various cultural forms, philosophy of the Vedas and much more.

Kathakali, Kerala gives a window to look into the ancient past of India. It gives the viewers an opportunity to gain an understanding of the ancient traditions and mythological stories that are often lost in translation and or even obscurity. Kathakali, Kerala is an art form that preserves the history of Indian history in carefully crafted stories and dance presentations. The Kathakali artists conjures a visual presentation of great interest through use of his limbs and fingers and detailed facial expressions.

In a way, Kathakali can be called as the capital of all theatre forms that still exist in the world today. The artists are individuals who carry forward the tradition generations after generations. Kathakali is not just an art form, it is a way of living that demands lifelong dedication and sincere surrender of worldly desires from the part of the aspirant.

Irresistable visual

What makes Kathakali, Kerala an irresistible visual splendour for the audience is its costuming and make up. The elaborate costume weighs as much as the artist itself brings to life characters from the ancient epics. The costumes have evolved over the centuries. However, their basic blue print remains the same and never fails to create an impression on a first time onlooker.

The makeup is applied using natural extracts from herbs and medicinal plants. Only experts with trained hands having gained the knowledge from their forefathers are allowed to apply makeup for Kathakali artists. An average preparation duration for a Kathakali artist will take at least three to four hours including applying makeup and costumes.

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