A popular tourist destination, Kumarakom is a beautiful and serene place to visit in Kerala. Kumarakom is next in line to Alleppey known for its backwater attractions. Kumarakom too is set massively on the Lake Vembanad which serves as a beautiful background for Kumarakom.

Home to a large variety of flora and fauna, Kumarakom tourist places are known for its moderate climate. The climate is balanced and the place witnesses average rainfall of 1100 mm. Tourists can catch a glimpse of agriculture, fishing as a dominant activity and occupation practiced in Kumarakom. Kumarakom tourist places has a vast spread of Mangroves, Paddy fields and different kinds of trees like Jack fruit, Mango, Banana and more. The natural surroundings , the beautiful towering coconut trees, the canopy of the coconut leaf palms, the interspersed waterways, canals of Meenachil river, the beautiful line of Hibiscus flowers on the smaller canals, the beautiful looking dense spread of water hyacinths appearing like a green carpet with pale Lilac flowers make Kumarakom look extremely special.

Religious harmony and cultural

Kumarakom is another beautiful place in Kerala that showcases religious harmony and cultural unity with Hinduism, Christianity, Islam and other religions being worshipped. Kumarakom houses the thousand year old Thalathangady Juma Masjid that located in close vicinity. The mosque also makes for a pilgrims destination and important tourist attraction in Kumarakom.

Fishing Karimeen is the main pastime, main occupation and tourist must do activity in Kumarakom. You will find fishermen catching fish with the help of their nets. Besides Karimeen , clams and shrimps also make for a rewarding catch.

Snake boat race

Like Alleppey, Kumarakom too is famous for the world famous snake boat race. The snake boat race comprises of a narrow boat with nearly 1000 oarsmen rowing the thin boat swiftly to the finish line sweating and singing aloud. The snake boat race is a major spectacle to watch especially during the festive season. The big canal near the market in the center is where the event takes place. The winner takes home end of the day the famous Sree Narayana ever rolling trophy.

Revolving around the backwaters of the Vembanad Lake are several houseboat cruises. These cruises have earned worldwide popularity and offer an experience of a lifetime. The picturesque surroundings, the interspersed canals, the village settlements on the banks of the Vembanad, the small kiosks set in the sides of the canals, the smaller boats selling goods, the experience of a catamaran trip into the smaller canals leading to villages nestled deep within, a dive into the lake for a swim, the romantic serves on the deck under the moonlight and view of the starry night, the breathe taking view of the first ray of sunshine and a mind-blowing view of the sunrise make the whole holiday experience in Kumarakom a memorable one.