Kerala (also known as the God’s own country) is one of the most visited and favored vacation destinations in South India for lovers. This lover’s paradise is famous of its romantic resorts on the beaches, backwaters and hill stations. Kerala is frequented by both national as well as Inter-national tourists who are mostly lovers and couples on their honeymoon, to experience nature’s glory at its best. The major cause is that people from different religions, believes and cultures have mingled and co-existed here in harmony for decades.

The Ideal Destination – The lover’s paradise – Kerala

Kerala, being one of the most romantic destinations in India, embodies a multitude of options that are perfect for couples making it a lover’s paradise. The luxurious houseboats that cruise through the water highways, sandy beaches and the sun-bathing crowd, vast plantations of tea raise the beauty of the state like the moon shining in dark night’s sky

Never too late or early – The lover’s paradise – Kerala

The lover’s paradise  – Kerala is that part of world where the nature as well as the people never fail to welcome the hundreds and thousands of lovers and tourists with their best. However, the most apt season for lovers is during winter, which is from November to March or during the monsoon season that extends from September to November.

Feel the love in Alleppy – The lover’s paradise – Kerala

As you step into a boathouse in Alleppy, the romantic experience on this trip to the lover’s paradise will be topped. Get yourselves treated by the freshly prepared meals and enjoy it while admiring the lush greenery, endless paddy fields, remote islands and tranquil backwaters. The best time to visit is October to February and the best place to stay is A Beach Symphony luxury cottage. The stunning view of the Marari beach, amazing food and the privacy that you would want with your lover will truly make it a lover’s paradise and offers you a great trip.

Romance at the top – The lover’s paradise – Kerala

For lovers that love adventure and verdant sceneries, Kerala offers the stunning mountain ranges in Wayanad and Munnar district and its surroundings. Being the lovers’ paradise, it has plenty of lakes, falls, rivers and towering trees to admire you. These amazing mountain areas gives a great opportunity to indulge in adventurous activities like trekking, hiking, boating and rafting, that gives your love trip a unique spark of energy. These places are a treat for those interested in nature photography as well as the lovers hoping to get the best, unique, romantic pictures for their album.

With the unique glory of nature and man-made elegance, Kerala is undoubtedly a lovers’ paradise. Never give a second thought, book yourself a romantic trip to Kerala, and enjoy your time with your lovein The lover’s paradise – Kerala .