The third largest city of Tamilnadu, Madurai is located on river Vaigai. It has been one of the oldest and continuously inhabited cities in the world. Madurai’s history goes back to 3rd century. Dominated by several great rulers, the city comprises of monuments, educational hubs, industrial settlements so on and so forth.  Madurai has seen development over the years and remains a two tier city. Madurai is also referred as “Koodal”, “Thirualavai” and “Naanmadakoodal”. Madurai tourist places list gives you the picture of destinations splendor in spiritual and leisure toursim.

Madurai comes from the word Madhura meaning sweetness. The story behind the name is that the nectar was showered by Lord Shiva on the city from his matted hair hence the name. Madurai has been called by different names and all of the stories and different names are listed in the 7th century poem Thiruvilayaadal Puranam.

Madurai has a fertile land mainly because of the river Vaigai that flows here. Sirumalai and Nagamalai hillsare worth a visit in Madurai. The lands here are mainly used for agricultural purposes. You can find your eyes being treated to the picturesque sight of paddy fields, millets, sugarcane farms and more. Being an agrarian state Madurai’s economy comes from agriculture mainly and additionally from poultry farming, brick making, mat weaving and carpentry.

Madurai is famous for its fragrant jasmine flower plantations. Popular as Madurai Malli, you will find the Madurai Malli market trading Malli poo – Jasmine flowers, in the wee hours of morning. Madurai is also famous for rubber growing areas. Gloves, sporting goods, mats and other products are the most produced here. Industrialization in Madurai has indeed increased employment and economy of the city. Industries like Textile, Granite, chemicals so on and so forth too, operate in Madurai and have a strong foothold here.

Madurai though is two tiered city has a mixed blend of modern and old attractions that are worth visiting in Madurai tour package.

Some o f the prominent Madurai tourist places  are

  • The historic Meenakshi Amman temple famous for its complex houses and tall towers.
  • Kodai Azhagar temple dedicatedto lord Vishnu is a celebrated Vishnu temple –
  • Pazhamudhircholai is one ofthe six dwellings of Lord Murugan located on the top of Solaimalai hill
  • Kazhimar big mosque the oldest Muslim place of worship in Madurai
  • St.Marys cathedral
  • The Chittirai car festival attracts several devotees in Madurai and the festival is a huge celebration.

Madurai is often called a city that never sleeps. Madurai witnesses several tourist from both India and abroad. Medical tourism in Madurai is gradually picking up making Madurai an ideal destination. Some of the attractions are

  • The palace complex of Thirumalai Nayak palace and its evening light and sound show are not to be missed.
  • The renovated house of Rani Mangamma house s the blood stained garment of Gandhi worn by him during his assasination
  • The eco park in Tallakulam with its beautiful fountains, lightings etc. is an attractive place to visit in Madurai. The Eco Park was reported to attract nearly 5000 tourists on an average per day during vacation time.
  • The amusement park “Athisayam” located on the Madurain-Dindigul main road attracts several tourists.