Mamallapuram or Mahabalipuram as it is popularly known as is a prominent getaway place in Tamilnadu. Mahabalipuram is an ancient historic town and has a group of sanctuaries carved out of rock along the Coromandel Coast. Mahabalipuram has been a prime place of attraction with lot of work of art that date back centuries. The Mahabalipuram sightseeing places has been well preserved to cater to a maddening tourist crowd that flocks here. Mahabalipuram attracts several foreign tourists too from across the globe.

Historians have stated that Mahabalipuram has served as an important center, rather an institute from young sculptors. A lot of stone work and artisans working on stone sculptures can be seen till date creating and producing work of art. Mahabalipuram is infested with several monolithic rock sculptures and they sure must have demanded the work and efforts of more than one sculptor.

Some of the sculptures and structures that can be seen in Mahabalipuram are:

  • Thirukadalmallai temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu was also built by the Pallava kings and it came into existence as a measure to protect the sculptures form Ocean. Historians state that the sculpture existence served quintessential in safeguarding the other structures from corrosion.
  • Varaha cave temple dating back to the 7th century is a beautiful small rock cut temple
  • The shore temple along the Bay of Bengal with entrance from western side away from the sea has undergone recent renovations which revealed  new structures that were earlier hidden
  • The five monolithic pyramidal structures named the Pandavas andDraupadi despite their huge size are not connected in any ways. Each has been carved out of a single rock.
  • Lighthouse is a prime attraction here and has served a great purpose since 1894.

Mahabalipuram sightseeing places makes  attractive and exciting getaway place. Besides its history, tall standing structures, intricate art works, serene surrounding, Mahabalipuram is also known for its beautiful beach which attracts lot of local and tourist crowd.

An entrance ticket to the Shore temple and Five Rathas is charged. The Shore temple is the oldest structure however this temple is not carved out of rock. The structure has undergone rework due to the damage caused by the recent cyclone. The area around the temple has been landscaped well and guards have been placed to prevent hawkers and souvenir sellers from crowding as well as haranguing the tourists and visitors.

On the East Raja Street you can see several sculptures in wood and stone. There are sculptures carved out of rock in the central hill region and you can actually walk through the forest on foot. Arjuna’s penance is also known as the descent of the Ganges. Historians argue that the figure might actually be Bhagiratha and not Arjuna. Arguments aside the structure is worth a glance despite not knowing who the central figure actually is.

Perched on a hillside is against round rock ball called Krishna’s butterball. The ball is extremely famous and there are hardly a hand few that wouldn’t stop by the ball and not take a picture.Mahishamardini cave and Varaha cave with their impressive carvings attract several visitors round the clock. Mahabalipuram beach is where the final retreat happens. There is no better way to end the trip to Mahabalipuram but visiting the beach and enjoying a scenic view of the sunset and the roaring waves.