The Fifth largest city of Srilanka Negombo is located at the mouth of Negombo lagoon. Negombo is the administrative capital of the Negombo division.  Negombo Sri Lanka is famous for its fish markets, sandy beaches and the fishing industry. Negombo is nearly 5-6 kilometers away from Bandaranaike international airport. It has mid-size fish port that was used during the Dutch and Portuguese colonization.

Negombo Sri Lanka attracts tourists, which also contributes to the stability of economy in the region. After Galle, Kandy, Colombo, Jaffna- Negombo too is a much sought after place for tourists to plan a trip to. Negombo offers modern amenities like a departmental store, super markets, boutiques, international food outlets so on and so forth.
Negombo has been known for its abundant availability of wild cinnamon. The aroma of the Negombo cinnamon has attracted traders for centuries and till date Ceylonese Cinnamon remains the most flavored sticks ever.

Negombo has a massive Catholic population.It is often referred to as little Rome because of its catholic population. Negombo’s fishing industry dominated for a larger period andd continues to be a dominant trade. Much later in around 1907 the under the British control and a massive railway project connecting the island together resulted in encouraging of growing coconut, tea and coffee plantations.

Places of attraction in Negombo Sri Lanka

  • Main Fish market is a place you must visit if you can wake up in the morning and watch some of the bigger boats returning with their bigger catch from the sea waters.The fish market is called “Lellama”. The fish auctions is interesting to watch and gives you a chance to meet the local fishermen, buy fish from them and even organize fishing trips for you.
  • The canals of Negombo are a work of passion by the Dutch, extending from Negombo till south of Colombo and then North to Puttalam the canals of Negombo are one of their kinds in entire Srilanka. Modern day water crafts and canoes till date run through these canals offering easy accessibility for traders and tourists to reach the main airport and Colombo city
  • Negombo beach is famous but as famous as the other profound beaches of Srilanka. Some of the private beaches are owned by hotels and the rest are always busy with fishermen and their fishing activities.

Water sports and diving are popular with tourists

    • You can visit a well preserved coral reef which serves as an artificial reef for the fishes  and the remains of a 50 year old ship wreck called Ku-Da-Paa-Du-We
    • You can visit “Mora Wala” and “Beach Park”.
  • Little Rome
  • Angurukaramulla temple
  • Lagoon Rest house
  • Negombo beach is a  beautiful place to head to however it does not compete to a larger extent with other picturesque Srilankan beaches
  • The Dutch influenced architectural style make for interesting attractions in Negombo especially
    • The still remains of Dutch Fort
    • The Dutch administrative buildings
    • St Mary’s Church and its Fresco paintings reflect an old world charm

Negombo weather and Geography

Negombo is a mix of both land and water.  The Canals built by the Dutch runs into the heart of Negombo. Negombo lagoon is a scenic landmark of Negombo. It’s these factors that have helped nearly 200 species of wildlife and birds survive in the mangroves of Negombo.