Pondy as it is affectionately called as; Pondicherry India today is known as Puducherry. This prominent union territory in Tamilnadu is a beautiful and modest getaway destination for a weekend trip. The road developments and improvements on the Old Mahabalipuram road and East Coast roads have made long drives to Pondy a favorite pastime for many cross country travelers. Pondicherry attracts several weekend vacationers from Chennai & Bangalore mainly due to its close proximity to both the places.

Pondicherry witnesses wet and dry tropical climate. Winters are relatively warm and during the last quarter of the year it witnesses downpour. Summer can be scorching in Pondicherry crossing the 41 degree mark. Pondicherry has a lot of French and Portuguese influence that shines out even today. Pondicherry attracts tourists and travelers for its beaches, promenades, shopping, monuments, sculptures and all things French.

Students find Pondicherry the best base to improvise on their French speaking and writing skills. Consulate, L’Alliance Francais, French institute etc. are prominent institutes teaching French. Pondicherry is easily accessible by train to several prominent states like Delhi, Mangalore and the airport caters to charter flights. You will also find a flying school in Pondicherry which only complements the several interesting aspects of Pondicherry.

Pondicherry thought a small union territory, will actually surprise you with its myriad places of attractions and interest.

  • The four beaches of Pondicherry are famous. Promenade, Paradise, Auroville and serenity beach.
  • Aurobindo ashram attracts several tourists from across the globe. The Ashram on Rue De la marine is the wealthiest known ashrams in India.
    • The ashram is also famous for the experimental town Auroville, which was intended towards bringing together people from different country, religious background and helping them stay in unison and harmony. The township has limited people only unlike what was expected but the village remains very popular.
  • The churches of Pondicherry are awe inspiring. Some of the significantly important churches here are – The cathedral of our lady of the Immaculate Conception & The church of Our Lady of angels. Mostly built during the 18th and 19thcentury these churches have a mystical charm, French and Portuguese influences etc.
  • Around Promenade beach you will find several heritage monuments and buildings- Children’s park, Dupleix statue, Gandhi & Nehru statue, Le Café, French war memorial, Pondicherry museum so on and so forth.
  • Pondicherry botanical gardens are in very close distance to the bus stand and calls for visit. Aayi mandapam and Bharati Park are also interesting places to visit and watch some of the unique plants stored here.
  • At about a distance of 8 kilometers from Pondicherry, you will reach Chunnambar beach resort, an extremely exciting place to be at in Puducherry. On one side the resort is flanked by quiet flowing creek and on the other side you can enjoy activities like boating and adventurous stays in tree houses.