Separated from the mainland inland by Pamban channel is Rameshwaram, located on the Pamban Island. Rameswaram pamban bridge  connects Rameshwaram to mainland India. Rameswaram is the main terminus connecting Madurai and Chennai through rail lines. Rameshwaram is treated as a holistic and religious place just as Varanasi is. Rameswaram holds significant religious importance for Hindu believers. Rameswaram is also one of the main four religious places that form part of the Chaar Dham. Rameshwaram attracts mainly pilgrims who visit the place on a pilgrimage.

Rameswaram has the Ramanathasamy temple located in the center of the town and attracts several worshippers who come here to offer their prayers to Lord Shiva. Ramanathasamy temple is considered holy and important for Shaivites and Vaishnavites. Rameswaram is a prime and easy way to reach Sri Lanka. There are proofs that the Adams Bridge was an important bridge connecting India and srilanka. The ongoing conflict about the SethusamudramBridge despite the age old end of civil war in Sri Lanka has earned Rameswaram media publicity however situation still remains within control and at peace.

Rameswaram thrives on fishery and tourism. The tourism here is mainly because of the legendary epic connection of Ramayana to the place. Rameshwaram is basically an island and surrounding it are several more islands which add to its beauty. Gulf of Mannar, Palk straits and more are the surrounding islands around Rameswaram. Adding to Rameswaram’s beauty is the fact that you hardly get to see any high waves here. The waves rise to about 3 cm height only. The quietude of the sea makes the beaches of Rameshwaram very attractive and pleasant.

Rameswaram is mainly a pilgrim’s town hence temples and churches are what you can see here. It is still a backward town depending on tourism mainly as fishery too is relatively in poor state of affairs due to the issues fishermen face from Srilankan border forces. North Car Street, Melarathaveethi, South Car Street, Keelarathavithi, SannathiStreet are the prime places where you can engage in some shopping. You will find mainly sweets that are given as offering for the deity and prayer items like rosary, beads etc. There are nearly 64 theerthams in Rameswaram of which 24 are believed to be extremely important according to the Scanda Puranas. Of the 24, 14 are in the form of wells and tanks.
At about a distance of 3kilometer is a hillock situated which is the highest point in the island and houses Gandhamathana Parvatham.  You will find a two storied hall which comprises of the imprint of Rama’s feet on the chakra. On the hillock is located the Ramarpatham temple.

At about 200 meter distance is Agneethirtham considered as a sacred stretch of shallow sea attracting several tourists and pilgrims

Dhanushkodi beach at Rameswaram is a prominent beach you should visit. It is an ideal destination to head to for nature lovers, and photographers trying to capture a picturesque and realistic backdrop. The beach is isolated but has a mystical charm about itself.Annai Indira Gandhi Bridge is another attraction worth visiting in Rameswaram.