A Journey to continue

Once you retire from the busy working schedules of your work life, the sudden void in your life can make you look at the world with a perspective. A better way to look and pursue your perspective after retirement is by touring and travelling. It certainly adds meaning to your life in so many ways that the experience will leave you feeling elated and complete. At Royal Leisure tour we understand this phase of life where travelling can help you connect with that side of life that you perhaps missed out on, due to several factors.

Royal Leisure tours introduces its travel packages for retired individuals. Now you can spend your retirement touring and enjoying life by acquainting yourself with new culture, people and lifestyle in the company of your loved ones, family or freinds.

Our comprehensive travel package for retired individual comes with myriad benefits that will leave you with no choice but to try it out.

1) We arrange hassle free travel insurance for seniors or retired individuals
2) You can choose your friends and we can book you a deal with discounts on group tour
3)We prepare a travel plan for you and provide escorts to help you with any situations
arrange for wheelchair
Act as tour guide / escort
Act as liason between locals, hotels etc
Act as organiser incase of group tour
4)We arrange for accomodation that will meet your requirements and offer comfort
5) We provide all asisstance with medical care and how to get you the right asisstance in case of an unforseen circumstance.
6)Once you reach the destination we make your travel more convenient. From chauffeur services to easily reachable sightseeing places – we take care of it all.
7) Appropriate entertainmnet, food and other amenities are arranged for
8) If flying is not an option than we arrange appropriate places that will still meet your expectations partially if not completely.
We take life after retirement seriously and help you fill the void by putting together a travel package that will meet your physical and mental requirements in the fullest manner. Call Royal Leisure tours now to look forward to life with a perspective.


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