Sigiriya Sri Lanka is a world heritage site as declared by UNESCO. According to historians the rocks and cave shelters in Sigiriya were believed to be occupied by Buddhist monks. Sigiriya is a land that holds a lot of historical story about its existence and its rulers. Sigiriya houses an old Citadel built by King Kashyap. Sigirirya’s ruins consist of an upper palace that’s in ruins. The mid level of the palace has a lion gate and frescoes on mirrored wall. The lower palace is behind beautiful gardens, preventive moats, and more that were set to provide the fort protection. Sigiriya was both a fort as well as palace. The lower level behind the ruins is still absolutely beautiful and worth a visit.

Sigiriya Places of attraction

  • Sigiriya rock fortress ismade out of a single rock, the largest and complicated work of construction that was ever undertaken in the ancient Srilankan period. Only 20 percent of the forts ruins can be seen today but even the ruins make for a magnificent watch.
  • Pidurangala rock holds history about monks living in the caves on and off for over 2000 years. An enlarged and refurbished monastery was built by King Kasyapa to accommodate the monks who were living in and off of Sigiriya.
  • Sigiriya elephant rides are fun and exciting. You can take different kinds of elephant tour but the most liked one is detour in the waters of the lake on an elephant back.
  • The audio video show at the Sigiriya museum is another worthwhile watch.
  • Minneriya national park is located at about 45 kilometer distance. Vast variety of animals, birds, shrubs, trees, plants and more residing the park. The park visit is famous for the elephant gathering view which is a sight to behold.
  • Dambulla temple is well known cave temple in Sigiriya that has been well preserved till date. For over two thousand years now the temple has been fully functional

Sigiriya gardens

The garden of Sigiriya as seen from the Sigiriya rock is absolutely breathtaking. There is a pool in the garden complex that adds a refreshing touch to the surroundings.

  • The water gardens are visible form the western precinct. Built in the form of char Bagh, this garden is the oldest surviving and most beautiful garden
  • The second garden comprises of two long and deep pools on the sides of the path. On either sides there are two islands
  • The third garden locate at height comprises of a large octagonal pool. It also has a raised podium and the large brick and stone citadel are on the eastern edge of the picturesque Sigiriya Garden
  • A small water garden is present to the west of the first garden comprising of small pools and watercourses.
    • Additionally there are Boulder gardens and
    • Terraced gardens

Sigiriya is believed to be an important urban planning sites of the millenium as its site plan is detailed and comprehensive. Sigiriya is a major stopover place in Srilanka tour package.