An island country beautiful in every aspect, Srilanka is a beautiful destination for you to plan a vacation to. There are so many beautiful destinations and things to do in Srilanka that you will be surprised to find a bounty of entertainment in this tiny piece of land that appears like a little dot on the global map as an extension at India southernmost tip through Srilanka tour packages.

Srilanka has a lot of Portuguese, Dutch and British influence in its architectures, culture, food and lifestyle. In the recent years with globalization at rampant high you can find a lot of American cultural influence too mainly with the younger generation of Srilankans. For a tiny island country like Srilanka tour packages you can actually put together different kinds of activities and places together in a package and make your trip to Srilanka exciting and exhilarating.

Srilanka is an ideal destination for travel packages like

  • Romantic honeymoon tour
  • Adventure tour package in Srilanka
  • Leisure tour package
  • Luxury tour in Srilanka
  • Budget tour packages
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In a nutshell there is barely anything that you can wish for and Srilanka tour packages can’t offer you. Srilanka is mainly a Buddhist country however it is also a secular country with Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam also being practiced in complete harmony. The 2004 tsunami wreaked havoc in Srilanka and most of its prime hot spot tourist destinations but that only increased Srilanka’s fame more than ever.
Sinhalese Tamil is the main language spoken in Srilanka however English and Tamil also remain dominant. Srialankas weather makes it a favorable place for tourists to plan a tour. Most of the regions face wet and dry climate and during Christmas till New Year Srilanka witnesses a massive number of tourists. Srilanka has been a favorite with European tourists who continue to return to the romantic beaches of Srilanka, the picturesque uplands and plush green estates & plantations.

There are so many places in Srilanka to visit, there are some places that till date remain least explored or occupied by maddening tourist crowd, these are the hidden treasure of Srilanka that are gradually finding a place on the global map- Tangalle, Hambarana, Wadduwa,Kilinochchi, Matugama, Panadura, Diyatalawa so on and so forth.

All these places in Srilanka offer you an experience that’s unique and memorable. Be it the cuisines of Kerala or the attractions of each place they all contribute to the reasons why you should plan a trip to Srilanka or return for another vacation again. From scrumptious cuisines, Jeep Safari, elephant back ride to surfing, scuba diving and long stroll in the safe shallow waters of the beaches Srilanka meets the demands of myriad tourists and travelers.