There are myriad things to do in Cairns. You can enjoy scenic flights, Rainforest tours to scenic drives.  Cairn has a lot of entertainment in store for you and a long list of things to do to make your holiday worthwhile.

Activities,Things to do in Cairns

Cairns will offer unique air tours comprising of iconic locations. The overnight flight tours are ideal for adventure seekers. Green island tours offer helicopter flights too that make for an interesting things to do in Cairn.

Kuranda scenic railway, Sky-rail Rain-forest Cable-way and jungle bungee jumping and more make for adventure Things to do in Cairns. For some extreme adventure fun the sea, air and land options offer you some blood pumping excitement.

Enjoy an overnight scuba diving adventure. Enjoy a great boat, great crew and a Great Barrier Reef tour.

Jungle tours in Cairn are highly recommended. The tour of the Rain forests will entertain you with myriad jungle activities. Enjoy zip line tours. Enjoy a unique and exciting way to see the Daintree and Cape tribulation Rain-forest.

Extreme adventure, Things to do in Cairns

Tandem sky dive and floating back down to earth are considered some of the extreme adventurous things to do in Cairn. While floating down to earth the sight of the Great Barrier Reef and the brilliant Rain-forest offer a breathtaking view of the ground below. Watch the lush green mountains, the Great Barrier Reef and more by skydiving in Cairns.

Cairn is famous for caving tours and a visit to the famous Chillagoe caves and more in Cairns one day caving tourist highly recommended.

Take a Billy Tea bush safaris and enjoy the Daintree Rain-forest tours.

leisure Things to do in Cairns

Plan a reef trip to Port Douglas. You will be amazed watching the beautiful marine life. Hire a car and head out on your own exploring the beauty of Cairns.

Enjoy three course dinners, night outs and live entertainment in Cairns.

For that exotic and relaxing tour experience a great barrier cruise is highly recommended. Sail way to the beautiful Michaelmas Cay.

Cruises and charter trips are highly recommended amongst the Things to do in Cairns. Cairn is home to the giant black Marlin. Cruise in Cairns will offer you a sight of the Daintree River. You will be able to discover several dive locations in the Great Barrier Reef. Fishing tours are also highly recommended. There are charters available to make your fishing trip special.

Amongst most Things to do in Cairns, horse riding is also recommended. Riding along the deserted beach and having fun on a horseback exploring the Rain-forests is an experience. Get on the back of a trusty steed and take horse ride. That just sums up the list of things to do in Cairn.

Shopping, Things to do in Cairns

Cairns have several shopping centers of different sizes located all around. Cairns central shopping center is the largest. One of the city’s oldest shopping centers has been refurbished. There are shopping centers located at Mount Sheridan, Smithfield and Clifton beach. Shopping, sightseeing and more- there is so much Cairns has to offer.