2 Bedroom A/c houseboat

Long wooden planks form the hull of the houseboat. The cutting of the planks is done by experienced carpenters who leash the planks together with coconut coir’s and fill thefibers in between for a tight fit of these planks. In the earlier days long bamboo poles were used by two men to steer the boat. The shallow areas were propelled with the help of these long bamboo punts.

The Ketuvellam carries a foot rest aside of the boat mostly used by the main oarsman and his assistant controller. The rowing process is mostly along with a rhythmical chant and songs sung in traditional manner. In the inside of the boat a sand filled box and bricks would facilitate the cooking process in the lower berth.

The upper berth would comprise of storage space to store the edibles and fuel items. And of course the uppermost berth has a lot of ventilation and fresh air which also serves as the setting or sleeping area on the boat. Often when the cargo is unloaded the lower racks can be used for sleeping too

2 Bedroom A/c houseboat Alleppey round ( Cost for 4 people)

Off Season A/c Hosueboat A/c Premium Hosueboat
16th June to 14 August Rs. 11000 Rs. 15000


Season A/c Hosueboat A/c Premium Hosueboat
11 th January to 15th June
15th August to 19th December
Rs. 12500 Rs. 20000


Peak Season  A/c Hosueboat A/c Premium Hosueboat
20th December to 10th January Rs. 22500 Rs. 27500


Festival Seasons A/c Hosueboat A/c Premium Hosueboat
Diwali, Pooja, Pongal, Onam,Nehru trophy Boat Race (August Second Saturday) Rs. 22500 Rs. 27500


Extra Person deluxe boat Rs. 1000 Extra
Extra Person Premium boat Rs. 1500 Extra
Kumarakom Round Rs. 1500 Extra
Alleppey to Kumarakom Rs. 1500 Extra
Kumarakom to Alleppey Rs. 1500 Extra

2 Bedroom  houseboat Cost Includes:

  1. Lunch , Dinner, Break Fast, Coffee & Snacks
  2. Houseboat Cruise And Overnight Stay in Houseboat
  3. Bottled mineral water (limited )
  4. All Taxes

2 Bedroom  houseboat Timings:

  1. Check in Time will be: 12.00 noon.
  2. Lunch Break 01.30 pm to 02.30 pm
  3. Tea 05.30 pm
  4. Dinner 08.30.pm
  5. Breakfast 8.am
  6. Check Out 09.00 am
  7. Air conditioning will be from 09 pm to 06 am.
  8. Boat running Time 12.00 noon to 05.30 pm & 08.00 am to 9.00 am

2 Bedroom  houseboat Food :

  1. Non Vegetarian Traditional Kerala Food
  2. Vegetarian ( On Request 1 Day Before )
  3. Halal Food ( On Request 1 Day Before )
  4. Jain Food ( On Request 1 Day Before )
  5. North Indian ( On Request 1 Day Before )

2 Bedroom  houseboat Menu:

Welcome drinks Tender Coconut Water
Breakfast:  Bread+ butter + Jam + Omelet & Tea /Coffee or
South Indian food items like Dosa, Idly with Sambar and Chutney & Tea /Coffee.
Lunch :  Traditional Kerala food Includes , Rice, Sambar, Vegetable, fish fry, Papad & Fruits
Evening Tea & Snacks : Tea with Banana fry or other North Indian snack items
Dinner : Chappathy, Rice Dal, Chicken curry & vegetables.
Drinking water Bottled mineral water is used as drinking water( limited)