Goa and its golden beaches offer a delicious treat for any wanderlust individual. The coastal town is blessed with some of the most scenic landscapes and vistas that are usually seen only in the Caribbean and Mediterranean region. What makes Goa a special place compared to other destinations is its liberal attitude and peace loving citizens. The region had been India’s home to the hippy culture and the hub of party entertainment even before the golden era of 80s and 90s. There are specific places in Goa where one can find the best tourist experience ever without shelling out a fortune.

Benaulim – Tourist places in Goa

Benaulim is one such small town in Goa where the sea breeze and palm fringed coast sets the right ambiance for a healthy vacation. There are plenty of tourist activities to try out at Goa. The most common pastime of the locals as well as first time tourists is strolling the coastal side where vendors have put up temporary stalls selling anything from chic contemporary jewellery to beach wear. One can also explore the surrounding region on a bike. There are plenty of bike rentals in the region which offer tourists a neat and safe way of exploring without exerting too much of their strength.

The Art Escape at Benaulim hosts live art performances and is known to be a crowd puller during weekends also considered amongst prominent Tourist places in Goa. Another local attraction is the boat rides into the shallow sea region where if luck favours, one will be able to spot dolphins. If it is an even more serious level of adventure that you are seeking, head to the Go karting in Nuvem, located slightly off Margao. There is also a good market in Margao where one can find literally anything from sea food to quick snacks adding to attractions and Tourist places in Goa.

Baga- Tourist places in Goa

Baga is yet another tourist destination in Goa where one can gel in with nature and forge excellent memories. There are scuba diving sessions and training classes where one gets to swim with professionals to pick up skills in underwater diving. If food is your weakness then the Plantain will fill your appetite with a wide range of vegetarian delicacies each designed to make your taste buds dance with excitement.

The biggest draw for Goa tourism is its Casinos and pubs. The town brims with a number of hotspots for partying and merry making. In fact, Goa is India’s number one party destination where nature’s serenity and artificial luxury exist in equal measure. Tourist places in Goa make it a hub worth visiting. You can find green nature swaying in the winds as well as neon lit bars and pubs making noise till day break. Goa is best visited with friends. Make sure you cover every adventure and party possible in Goa with a Goa weekend travel package.